super napier grass benefits

How To Plant Super Napier Grass

  • Yields 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per annum. A high yielding Napier grass race in Asia.
  • The longest leaf length. The leaves (6 – 8 cm) are broad.
  • Growing up to a high height (400 – 500 cm).
  •  It has high 400 to 450 leaves/pitch.It has high 400 to 450 leaves/pitch.
  • It has high crisp leaves.
  • High leaf stem rate
  • Durers (25 – 30 punches) and tilted.
  • Crop harvesting is eight times a year
  • High yields are made in a short period of time.
  • Very high yields on low ground.
  • Roots around the nodes can quickly grow.
  • How to plant super napier grass
  • Resistant pests and diseases.
  • cultivation can be done in all parts of India. You can also cultivate in any kind of climate.
  • It grows in all kinds of water. Especially in saline water it will grow, yields do not reduced ,in
  • saline water.

How To Plant Super Napier Grass


It is suitable for cultivation throughout the year.

How to plant super napier grass

Soil type

It grows in all kinds of soil. In particular, the yield is not reduced when the crops are cultivated on the beach sand. The amount of protein is reduced.when cultivated in sand.

How to plant super napier grass

Land preparation

Using iron plought, two to five feet deep or about 15 to 30 cm ploughing should be done deeply.

The depth of the land ploughed is deeper when done by the bull rather than when it is done by the tractor.

Nutritional method.

Fertilizer should be given 10 tons per acre before the last plowing. To give 60 kg of nitrogen (130 kg urea), 20 kg of phosphate (125 kg super of phosphate) and 16 kg of ash. Full-size bell and ash, as well as 50 percent of nitrogen, should be applied as base manual. The remaining 50 percent of the nitrogen should be applied on the 30th day of planting. After each harvest, 30 kg of nitrogen (65 kg of urea) will be given higher yield. Azospirillum and phosphonates (800g per acre) or azophos (1600g) mix with 75% of recommended nitrogen and phosphorus, increase yield and reduce 25% fertilizer.

how to plant super napier grass

Planting method

Loosen the soil by watering and plant.After watering, put the stem in the bars at 60 cm intervals. When planting the seeds, tighten the soil to lighten the soil. This will incluces germination positively.The stem at interval of 60 cms gab.

Removing weed.

After 30 days we have to take the weeds. If necessary, remove the second spell within 45 days. After that, the Super Napier grass does not grow weeds so fast and dense. After that, Super Napier grass will grow very fast and densely. Therefore the weeds do not sprout. After 80 days, after the first harvest, the weed can be take if necessary. There is no need to weed after that.


Watering should be done on the third day. Irrigation should be done once in 8 to 10 days depending on the soil and availability of rain. Wastewater can also be used for irrigation.

Super Napier grows well in all types of water. Even in the abundance of water and salty water the yield is not too low. super Napier yield in the natural irrigation is better.

Control the disease.

How to plant super napier grass.Defence from the desease. Hence crop protection is not necessary. Do not use the mix of available chemicals in stores. This activity is very dangerous. Because the food (fodder) is a mixture of poisonous, feeding livestock that causes death. The alternative source is applying natural pesticide.

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